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‘En toute confiance’ – the new campaign of the GROUPE GRISONI puts its employees front and center, PATRICK SALONEN Postproduktion was responsible for retouch of the image motifs for the agency Erdmannpeisker

Together with photographer and GoSee Member Michel Jaussi, PATRICK SALONEN was responsible for retouch and realization of the new image campaign for GROUPE GRISONI, a Swiss construction company active in the domestic market and founded by Angel Grisoni in 1947. The executive agency was full-service provider Erdmannpeisker from Biel with CD Gabriel Peisker and AD Patrick Fawer. The motifs are used for a multifaceted marketing mix across all social media channels including Instagram & Co, as well as in several print products and, of course, directly on the street.

The corporate divisions of Groupe Grisoni comprise civil engineering, construction, road building, general contracting, special work, geothermal energy, demolition and asbestos removal, railroad work, and construction with timber : “We are at the side of our society throughout its great challenges such as increasing mobility, densification, sustainable development and the integration of new technologies.” says GROUPE GRISONI. And the company has been successfully doing so for more than 75 years.

For the new image campaign – particularly on streets and, of course, also on construction sites – light-blue was chosen as the design color. The color is guaranteed to give companies a unique advantage according to Groupe Grison with its positive and fresh effect. Responsible at Groupe Grison were Patrick Merlotti (CFO, Marketing) and Valérie Regidor (Communication). GoSee : groupe-grisoni.cherdmannpeisker.compatricksalonen.chjaussi.com

CREDITSErdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Selina Helbling, Marcel Mägerle (Consulting), Patrick Fawer, Jenny Ziörjen (Art Direction), Patric Siegfried (Design), Daniel Lüthi, Éditions du Bourg (Text), Laura Fässler (Film), Fredy Geisser, Crosswalk (Strategy and Positioning), Michel Jaussi (Photography Key Visual), Patrick Salonen (Photo Editing Key Visual), Felix Schregenberger (Photo Editing Imagery), Matthieu de Morsier, troisdeuxun (Agence digitale), Norbert Kathriner (Consulting Digital), Michel Jaussi (Photos) and Patrick Salonen (Post Production).
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‘LINDT HOME OF CHOCOLATE’ PATRICK SALONEN for Chocolat Lindt with photographer Michel Jaussi and the agency Erdmannpeisker

Welcome to the new chocolate museum in Switzerland – the interactive Schoggi world for big and small. Awaiting guests on 500 square meters at LINDT HOME OF CHOCOLATE – the biggest Lindt Chocolate Shop – is the most spectacular chocolate fountain along with an interactive chocolate tour on which they’ll find out everything there is to know about one of the most precious cultural resources in Switzerland – chocolate. Together with photographer and GoSee Member MICHEL JAUSSI, PATRICK SALONEN had the honor of post-producing the motif for the opening of the Home of Chocolate for the company LINDT, famous throughout Switzerland and beyond. The heart of it all: a seemingly weightless chocolate fountain flowing with 1500 kg of real Schoggi…

Erdmannpeisker was the responsible agency for the project. Creative Director Gabriel Peisker and AD Patrick Fawer were in charge of creation. We present you the eye-catching motif here on GoSee.
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‘Help in the getting-dressed crisis’ Casaluci fashion store with Corona-specific motifs, post-produced by PATRICK SALONEN for Simon Hofer Creative

In the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, from which clothing stores are also suffering along with other businesses, Patrick SALONEN participated with a handful of service providers from the graphic industry in the project ‘Help in the getting-dressed crisis’. The goal was to attract attention with Corona-specific motifs on poster walls in and around Bern, and by doing so, raise awareness among customers for the reopening of shops following the mandatory closures. Initiator of the campaign was Bern-based advertiser Werber Simon Hofer, who besides Reto Andreoli (photography), also got Patrick Salonen (post production) on board. Also among the supporters were a number of people from the areas of printing and copywriting.
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