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PATRICK SALONEN : AI & CGI join forces - generated photo-ready environments for seamless CGI car integration

Post production & CGI artist Patrick SALONEN, fascinated by the possibilities of AI-generated images since the beginning of the year, has now used Midjourney to generate locations into which automobiles can be integrated by means of CGI.

“For purely AI-generated images with automobiles, it’s still difficult, despite in part elaborate and extremely detailed prompts, to get the exact model of the vehicle that you want or need. The fusion of AI and CGI can be the remedy in such cases and can, of course, be used in many other areas outside the automobile industry.” says Patrick.

Patrick is represented by GoSee Member YESWEPROMPT for the creation of AI images.

Patrick Salonen has been working as a specialist in post production and CGI for more than 25 years. Since 2004, he has been providing his services to many domestic and international clients, agencies and photographers in his own studio. As a permanent guest among the Lürzer’s Archive ‘200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide’, his work is widely recognized. The possibilities offered by artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with CGI and post production are of great interest to Patrick and complement his skillset perfectly.

: patricksalonen.ch & yesweprompt.de
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PATRICK SALONEN : Post production and CGI for aerial & image shots of WALO BERTSCHINGER AG

For WALO BERTSCHINGER AG, among the industry leaders in the Swiss construction business with more than 2000 employees, PATRICK SALONEN had the pleasure of post-producing the image photos. The project was photographed in and around Switzerland by MICHEL JAUSSI, known as a specialist for high-quality aerial photography.

Post production included defining a color look, composing several image parts, retouch work of all kinds but also, for example, augmenting an image with a passenger plane using CGI, a service Patrick has been offering in-house for many years.

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‘The wheel was not reinvented …’ – personal Full-CGI work by PATRICK SALONEN for you on GoSee

“The wheel was not reinvented. There are already several motifs made with this location. I am fascinated by simplicity and reduction down to the bare product – without frills, without interfering or distracting things in the photo.” PATRICK SALONEN tells us about the motifs of his personal series, which will perhaps be expanded by further vehicle models in the future.

The entire production was created on the computer with CGI. SALONEN Post Production provides top-notch retouch services in the areas of landscape, people, transportation and CGI.

Patrick Salonen Bildbearbeitung GmbH was founded in December 2003 by Patrick Salonen and Barbara Salonen, and has provided comprehensive services for the post production of images since January 2004. Complex compositions and challenging retouching for well-known clients have been part of their daily work ever since.

“We are a competent partner for all services that involve images. In post production, we are at your side with our production consulting services even before the actual image editing begins. It often saves time and increases the quality of the result when we are included in the briefing of photographers. Of course, we will also be at your service on set during the photo shoot upon request. We see our core competence in the realization of creative image ideas and the development of a distinctive image mood. Whether for landscape, transportation, people or product motifs. Images, clearly associated with a specific brand because of their visual language, are essential in today’s fast-paced times – and we produce them!” Patrick Salonen.

Whatever cannot be photographed, either because the product does not physically exist yet or because a shoot would only be possible with enormous logistical effort, they like to create in CGI : “For this purpose, we rely on existing CAD data. If it is not available, we collaborate with freelancers who can reconstruct objects in 3D. Regardless if the object has to be integrated into a photographic image, or the entire image has to be rendered – we’ll gladly help you with it!”

Patrick Salonen Bildbearbeitung GmbH is used to working with companies and institutions that apply the highest standards with regard to the security of their data or products. On the one hand, because products have to be staged before the official launch, or whenever the data we are dealing with is highly sensitive : “An NDA is a firm part of our vocabulary. It protects you and your data, interests, and products. It is also a measure that protects us. To ensure the highest level of security, all rendering work is done by us in-house. Your data is also archived by us on our server for five years after you have received the requested print data.”

Patrick Salonen, born 1977 in Bern, lives and works in Thun and Bern, Switzerland.

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