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featured by FREDA+WOOLF : Timeless simplicity, pure luxury & modern trend : the ELLEME Fall/Winter ‘21 campaign, photographed by Sascha HEINTZE c/o FREDA+WOOLF in Paris

Sascha HEINTZE c/o FREDA+WOOLF photographed the Fall/Winter ‘21 campaign for ELLEME in Paris (styling : Gemma Bedini, hair : Anita Bujoli, make-up : Rika Bitton).

The vision of Jingjing Fan, Creative Director of ELLEME : “F/W ‘21 was conceived in the middle of the first lockdown. We had plenty of time on our hands to take a step back and think about what is important in life. With families and individuals choosing to leave their lives in the big city and go to the countryside to explore true nature. This collection has been inspired to create the perfect look for an easy walk in the forest, mountains, or simply to your country house. Casual elegance is the essence of our first ready-to-wear collection.”

Derived from the French conjugation Elle aime, which means she loves, Elleme is our concept of putting forward each woman’s uniqueness, finesse and strength. Based in Paris, and founded by Jingjing Fan, Elleme brings you meticulously designed pieces defined by simplicity, timelessness and singularity. Located on 19 Rue Ferdinand Duval, in the heart of the creative neighborhood of Le Marais, Elleme’s store is at the junction of Paris’ most famous pedestrian street, Rue des Rosiers. Where its colors, scents and visitors from around the world become a source of inspiration.

Sascha Heintze is based in Paris and works for international clients such as Aeyde, Elleme, Ellery, Funnytastes, Givenchy, GQ Germany, Highsnobiety, Indie Magazine, Joop!, Kerastase, Louis Vuitton, Matches Fashion, L’Officiel Paris, Melitta Baumeister, Metal Magazine, Mugler, Sleek, Stutterheim, Viu Eyewear, and Zalando... among many others.
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featured by FREDA+WOOLF : MORE THAN JUST A DRESS – the IVY & OAK F/W 2020 campaign photographed by Sascha HEINTZE and styled by Réka Maria PROBST, both artists c/o FREDA+WOOLF

“Brave New World – We all have dreams about the future, and it is in our hands to shape the world we will live in for generations to come. Faced with the excess of choice and an overflow of stimuli, we pause and refocus on the essential: protecting Mother Earth and upholding kindness, beauty and a sense of purpose. To exit our era of disposability, it is not an option to turn back. Instead, we move forward with hope and conviction, looking to technology and innovation as powerful tools for positive change while preserving our core values of being mindful, inclusive and honest”… IVY & OAK tells us about the inspiration for the latest F/W ‘20 campaign, photographed by Sascha HEINTZE c/o FREDA+WOOLF on model Polina Sova, who was styled by Réka Maria PROBST, also c/o FREDA+WOOLF. H&M were contributed by Anna Neugebauer.

At IVY & OAK, fine fabrics, precise cuts and excellent tailoring are priority number one. Caroline Gentz, whose maiden name is von Stieglitz, founded the fashion brand Ivy & Oak in 2015, with shares held by Zalando founders David Schneider, Rubin Ritter and Robert Gentz from the very beginning, who still own the majority of shares in the brand. Von Stieglitz already knew the entrepreneurs, having worked eight years as a designer at Zalando. Besides Zalando, About You also offers the brand Ivy & Oak, which opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in the Berlin Mitte district in May 2018.

About – IVY & OAK was founded by Caroline Gentz (Founder & Managing Director) and Christopher Deckert (Managing Director) in Berlin in 2016 on the principle of creating and consuming fashion more consciously. We offer beautifully designed clothing of finest luxury quality at a fair price, made to last for more than just a season. Today, we are active in 28 countries via our online shop and premium retailers. GoSee :
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featured by FREDA+WOOLF : WE CAME IN PEACE – Sascha HEINTZE c/o FREDA+WOOLF photographs the EACH OTHER x Lena Simonne collaboration

The collaboration between EACH OTHER and model & influencer Lena Simonne entitled “WE CAME IN PEACE” stands for unity and peace. 50% of the proceeds went to the absolutely support-worthy civic association UTOPIA 56 Paris, which aids migrants and refugees in Calais, Grande-Synthe, Lille, Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, and Tours.

EACH OTHER on Lena: “Lena Simonne is the French model everyone is talking about. She is also a young woman committed to humanitarian projects. After a collection organized with Réseau Entourage, she is committed alongside Utopia 56 in support of migrants and refugees. It is an opportunity to put her influence at the service of causes that are particularly close to her heart. Today, Lena has joined the EACH X OTHER creative community to bring the WE CAME IN PEACE project to life. EACH X OTHER invited Lena Simonne to design a T-shirt. Wanting to use her influence to come to the aid of migrants and refugees, the model chose a very simple typography to convey a powerful message. “WE CAME IN PEACE” not only means that we are all migrants, nomads, “foreign born” but also, in order to progress, we must learn to live together as brothers, as Martin Luther King once wrote. Instead of erecting walls, we should bond and build bridges across borders.”

The motifs were photographed by Sascha Heintze, with styling by Arpiné Movsisyan. The T-shirt was unfortunately only available this summer for as little as € 35. That’s too bad…Sounds a lot like we need a re-issue, right?

About – UTOPIA56 is an association created in January, 2016, in Brittany (France) for volunteers helping in the Calais jungle. With missions on the field 24/7, more than 150 volunteers are mobilized daily on different tasks in Calais, Grande-Synthe, Lille, Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, and Tours. GoSee : 

About – EACH OTHER is a Paris-based clothing brand and publishing house which embraces the ethos of “Art Meets Fashion”. The brand was created in 2012 after fashion designer and entrepreneur Ilan Delouis met artistic director and gallery owner Jenny Mannerheim. Having complementary skills and know-how, the duo decided to create a concept that honors the culture of fashion and art, fusioning the two disciplines in order to create a brand at the crossroad where art meets fashion. GoSee :
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