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‘Destination Outerspace’ - the new book by Ulrich Walter with illustrations by Frederik JURK c/o SEPIA on the topic of the minute: Space Tourism

Space selfie, pizza delivery, board games … The new book ‘Destination Outerspace’ by Ulrich Walter was published at the beginning of May with illustrations by Frederik Jurk. In the book, Frederik Jurk sheds light on everything to do with the topic of space tourism – of course, tongue ever so slightly and that more charmingly in cheek.

Frederik Jurk illustrates for magazine and books. And also appearing very soon is his first illustrated card game with witty ideas for dads and kids. GoSee.News will report on it !

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Illustrations for ‘Le Monde d’Hermès’ #82 by Simon BAILLY c/o SEPIA

The French illustrator Simon BAILLY c/o SEPIA works for international magazines and luxury brands. For Hermès, he visited the company’s own studios in Paris. His illustrations appeared in issue No. 82 of ‘Le Monde d’Hermès, Spring/Summer 2023’.

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Just out : An illustrated special edition of ‘The Swarm’ by Frank Schätzing with illustrations by Francesco BONGIORNI & Isabel SELIGER c/o SEPIA

The two illustrators Francesco BONGIORNI and Isabel SELIGER c/o SEPIA worked on the special edition of ‘The Swarm’ together with the author Frank Schätzing. The science-fiction thriller became a worldwide bestseller of which several million copies have been sold. At the beginning of February 2023, the special edition was published with an illustrated dust cover and five removable graphic prints (Kiepenheuer & Witsch).

Mutated worm colonies, poisoned water supplies, a mysterious luminescence in the depth of the ocean – humanity feels threatened. The kind of dystopian stuff that’s right up Isabel’s alley. Francesco consulted closely with Frank Schätzing on the book cover, who decided to turn the familiar motif into an underwater scene.

‘The Swarm’ is a masterpiece of thrilling literature, a classic of ecological fiction with an almost uncanny prophetic power, prompting the most important question of all: How do we plan on inhabiting this planet without destroying it and ourselves along with it?

German TV broadcaster ZDF is now showing the eight-part series based on the book, an extremely topical issue of our day and age. On the first weekend of March, 2023, the Member States of the United Nations agreed on a treaty for the protection of the high seas.

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