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Gaia is calling – Osman ÖZEL c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management photographs the XXL spread ‘Sufi’ for the Body issue of AUTRE magazine Spring/Summer ‘22

Sufism is a collective term for movements in Islam marked by ascetic tendencies and spiritual orientation, which can most commonly be referred to as mysticism. A follower of Sufism is called a Sufist, a practitioner Sufi or Dervish.

Osman ÖZEL c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographed the spread entitled ‘Sufi’ for the S/S ‘22 Body issue of AUTRE magazine.

The famous dance of the Sufis or Dervishes is a performance which translates the Qur’an verse ‘Wherever you turn, there is the face of God’. The Sufis perform a whirling dance, and this whirling symbolizes, firstly, the view of the world, and also the attempt to look beyond its material manifestations. It is finally the eternal attempt to connect with the divine.

Sufism is criticized mainly by followers of the Muslim Orthodox faith because their dogmatic rigorism (Sharia) is rejected by the Sufis, as Sufism believes the Sharia is merely the beginning of the further spiritual path. Moreover, criticism also comes from those who oppose the use of music for religious ceremony. They believe it is not in accordance with Islamic doctrines. Above all, dance – and, therefore, forms of Dhikr similar to dance – are considered to be of pagan origin and thus a reprehensible new trend within the religion. Sufis, on the other hand, argue that the Prophet Mohammed is said to have been greeted by the people of Medina with music upon his arrival. And when asked whether the music should be stopped, the Prophet is said to have replied that the people shall celebrate times of joy with music. For the Sufis, music is the expression of joy in the presence of God and is, therefore, not reprehensible. (translation of : wiki)

Autre magazine states that it is a document of global art, culture and fashion from the perspective of Los Angeles and is based in sunny LA : “Autre magazine is pleased to announce the release of THE BODY ISSUE – a comprehensive cross-disciplinary exploration of the body’s past, present, and future on Spaceship Earth. We look to artists, scientists, academic scholars, and futurists for insight, truth, and answers. An epic of feedback loops and bodily transmissions across 400 pages, this issue is inspired by 103-year-old chemist James Lovelock’s groundbreaking Gaia theory, which postulates that living organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating system…”

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Art Director & Stylist: Hakan Solak
Talents: Nayme, Lorenzo Maria, Thanos Frydas, @fr00dle, Emanuele Corsini
Movement Director: Pshemek Kaminski
Producer: Laura Howes
Mua: Kenny Campbell
Hair: Masayuki Yuasa
Styling Assistants: Aleix mes Couilles & Camille Pailler
Photo Assistants: Thomas Berhitu & Cansu Baydar

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‘Lais Forever’ – Brazilian top model Lais Ribeiro in the S/S ‘22 fashion feature of IO DONNA, photographed by Peter GEHRKE c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

Brazilian super model Lais Ribeiro presents you the hip fashion trends of the Spring/Summer 2022 season in the spread entitled ‘Lais Forever’ of Italian IO DONNA. The supplement Corriere della Sera in newspaper format not only presents the latest fashion on the 31-year-old American resident but also hears what she has to say. 

Lais’ start in the modeling business was certainly not easy as an 18-year-old and mother of a small son. We quote: “I worked hard to make the money I needed to live in the United States, … I could only go back to see them every three months. Meanwhile, my son called his grandmother ‘Mama’… But my goal was to bring him to New York, to be able to afford always having him with me. In the end, I managed to do it.”

At the moment, Lais is totally excited about her upcoming summer wedding with former basketball player Joakim Simon Noah, the son of legendary tennis player Yannick Noah. Congrats!

GoSee : iodonna.it & shotview.com

Art Direction: Florian Ribisch 
Styling: Ulrike Lang
Hair: Lorenzo Barcel
Make-up: Arianna Campa

04.05.2022 show complete article