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‘When you hear my name, you think of a white man with blue eyes’ – basketball star Dennis Schröder in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED – photos by Roman GOEBEL c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

Roman GOEBEL c/o SHOTVIEW photographed Dennis Schröder for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (Design Director: Jana Meier-Roberts). About his role on the German basketball team, Schröder says in a SPORTS ILLUSTRATED interview: “I’m very proud to wear this jersey. And without wanting to sound funny: Of course, the name Dennis Schröder makes you think of a white guy with blue eyes. But I was never denied anything. And I think a lot of Black guys started basketball because of me. Because they saw: Dennis plays for Germany, I can be like that too.”
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Caroline Brahe in a family portrait by Sascha ODA c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT for Danish EUROWOMAN MAG

The pace has changed for model and designer Caroline Bille Brahe ever since she founded her own brand. Sascha ODA c/o SHOTVIEW photographed the model in everyday situations for the EUROWOMAN cover story. In an interview, she and her husband – chef and restaurateur Friedrich Bille – talk about life together as a family, about singing in the morning and fun at work, and about their love for the day-to-day (makeup: Rikke Dengso Jensen, hair: Sara Falkenberg, art direction: Sarah Vestergaard).
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antoni Berlin produces a 15-min. film for the world premiere of the MERCEDES-BENZ GLC – styling by Niki PAULS c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management

Agency: Antoni Berlin
Executive Creative Directors: Christopher Hoene & Christian Kies
Creative Directors: Daniel Duhn &Ursel Barwinski
Agency Producer: Roman Zeitz
Managing Directors: Christina Müller, Marcell Francke, Tilman Gossner & Daniel Dürbeck
Casting : Beth Melsky, Lesley Beastall
Stylists: Niki Pauls &Valter Kobal
Production Design: Krejzlik Martin
Grading: Julien Alary

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