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Hēir presents the song ‘LANDSLIDE’ from the brand-new EP ‘Is that all there is?’ – styling for the video by Mariaelena MORELLI c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

Patricia Matcin, known professionally as Patricia Manfield, is a Moldavian singer-songwriter and has been living in London since 2018. Since that same year, she has also been releasing music under the pseudonym Hēir. Her first career whisked her away to the world of high fashion as a star blogger before the native Russian found back to her roots – her parents are both classical musicians – and devoted herself to music.

The song ‘Landslide’ presented here is appearing on her long-awaited EP entitled ‘Is that all there is?’. Responsible for styling for the video was Mariaelena MORELLI c/o SHOTVIEW. It was filmed at the Filangieri Civic Museum in Naples, the city Patricia ended up in following the divorce of her parents and where she graduated from school. The video was directed by Salvatore Rocco.

HEIR : “My EP ‘IS THAT ALL THERE IS’ was released on 7 April 🤍🤭. I’m so excited I could scream, but my neighbors are lame. Thx again for the unconditional support; y’all really showed up for me!!!!! It means so much to me; you have no idea! Grazie grazie grazie. I love you, see you at the shows 🤍.”

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Salvatore Rocco - Director
Roberto Fratianni - Executive Producer
Renata di Pace - Producer
Bruno Martirani - Unit Production Manager
Francesco Verde - Facilities Manager
Amedeo Zitelli - Production Secretary
Francesco Santangelo - Assistant Director
Raffaele Cirillo - DOP - Director of Photography
Alessia De Angelis - Focus Puller
Perla Navarra - Still photographer
Lorenzo Cabib - BTS photograph
Valentina Schisa - Choreographer
Simona Sangermano - Choreographer assistant
Macia Del Prete - Casting Director
DANCERS - Sara Gison, Anna Maria Ciccarelli, Antonietta Dalmini, Rosa Falco, Maria Anzivino, Rosaria Di Maro, Sonia Di Sarno, Virginia Della Balda, Daniela Bonaiuto, Chiara Vecchione, Ilenia Agostelli, Natalia Cuomo, Guadalupe Soria, Barbara Hernandez
Admin - Giovanni Di Marino
Transports - V Groove
Location - Museo Civico Filangieri Insurance - Cinesicurtà International S.r.l.

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Tereza MUNDILOVA c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs the ripped Hessian Jacob Rott from the Elevator Boys for GQ Germany

The young sports aficionado Jacob Rott is a content creator for TikTok, Instagram and Co. – in other words, for various internet platforms for which he produces content, mostly short videos and photos. He gained fame with the Elevator Boys, who are named after their entertaining elevator videos. For GQ, he was portrayed by Tereza MUNDILOVA c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT.

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Client GQ Germany
Celebrity Jacob Rott / Elevator Boys
Photographed by Tereza Mundilova
Styled by Léon C. Romeike
Grooming by Reza Rage

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Fabio and Christian Studio photograph the Chanel Special for SLEEK Magazine #76 - with hair by Kosuke IKEUCHI c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

Photography: Fabio and Christian Studio
Styling: Joana Zibat
Makeup: Darja Crainiucenco
Casting: White Casting
Talent: Eny Jaki c/o Mirrrs Models
Art Direction: Lorenzo Louis Pradelli
Creative Producer: Claude Gerber, @quirinemanga

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