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featured by MAGROUND : MAGROUND x GYBOW – pioneering method of virtual production

GYBOW is a new photo studio technology with which a real car can be authentically illuminated with the help of MAGROUND 360° HDR domes and integrated into the desired photographic backgrounds. For his shoot with the AUDI A3, photographer Max Rempe chose a location from Los Angeles with various backplates and matching HDR domes on

“This successful collaboration shows creatives a further method of creating top-class car visualizations, for which they don’t even have to fly around the world.” MAGROUND.

Studio Schinken perfected the look of the visuals in post.

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German photographer Michael KROSNY c/o BOSCHtoBANRAP teamed up with production company Simon&Paul to create the spread presented here. “Aided by virtual reality and the prefect pinch of retouch, the spread almost makes you feel like you are in another world.” BOSCHtoBANRAP.

The project was realized together with director Klaus Kneist, retoucher Simon Schinken, photo assistant Benjamin Herbst, DOP Andreas Wanner, lighting technician Thorben Winkler, stylist Lara Packheiser, makeup artist Leana Ardeleanu and hairstylist Fily Mihan. The aforementioned other world was created by Acid Soup together with Studio Laforêt and team.

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