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STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION takes matters into his hands on commission for the creative agency KEKO for the PORSCHE 911 GT3 CUP

The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is the first race car based on the current 911 model series 992. Like everything at Porsche Motorsport, the seventh race car generation is just as committed to sporting success – it is a tradition after all: Since 1990, Porsche has built and sold more than 4,250 of the race car.

Post production of the motifs of the Porsche 911 GT3 CUP presented here was in the hands of STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION on commission for the creative agency KEKO.

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Frederic Schlosser photographs the OPEL ASTRA campaign for the agency MRM McCann – post-produced by STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION

Frankfurt-based photographer Frederic Schlosser c/o Upfront was commissioned by the agency MRM McCann to photograph the campaign presented here for the OPEL ASTRA. The motifs were post-produced by STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION. Art buying was in the hands of Tina Krakow, with styling by Julia Neubauer.

Opel Astra
Photographer: Frederic Schlosser c/o Upfront Photo & Film GmbH
Art Director: Joseph Rakosi
Styling: Julia Neubauer
H&M: Sophie Chudzikowski
Advertising Agency: MRM McCann
Creative Director Norman Henkel
Post Production: Stefan Eisele Postproduction
Production: Tim Michel

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The HYUNDAI i30 N campaign for Innocean Worldwide Europe – post-produced by STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION

Agility and performance taken to the next level – the HYUNDAI i30 N campaign was photographed by MARC AND DAVID for the agency Innocean Worldwide Europe. The sports car model had its public premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main in September 2017. The enhanced i30 N was presented in September 2020.

And Hyundai almost guarantees you will have fun driving : “You thought your grin couldn’t get any wider? Think again: Our high-performance star HYUNDAI i30 N is now even stronger, sharper and more agile. For instance, the new 8-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (N DCT) enables exciting N Performance Shift functions, such as the N Grin Shift which gives drivers 20 seconds of maximum engine and DTC performance at the push of a button. Any questions?”

The campaign was post-produced by STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION.

We gladly quote Hyundai again : “It has always been a full-blooded sports car from top to bottom – and we have now enhanced the design of the i30 N even more. Nice looking? Sure, but also when it comes to performance: Details such as large air intakes on the front spoiler or the extremely light 19-inch forged alloy wheels help to improve performance and handling – for even more driving pleasure!”

The Hyundai Motor Company, (HMC; 현대 자동차 / ‘modern automobiles’) a South Korean automobile manufacturer of the Hyundai Motor Group, was founded in 1967 by Chung Ju-yung.

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