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Impressionist. Expressionist. Surrealist.

Stefan Milev photographs sending out rays of sensual poetry!
He gives his pictures a subtle aura of mystery and stands with
his work between photography and painting.
Stefan Milev displays a highly artistic photographic identity towards
the relationship between the model
and his very personal technique of painting with light.
As a result, Milev’s picturesque meaning of photographs
uncover a unique and multiplex sense for the Zeitgeist in photography.
Milev, first and foremost recognized as a pictorialist
continues the tradition of Fine Art photographers
from the early 19th Century such as Alvin Langdon Coburn and George Seeley.
gallery representation:
gallery sophie maree

represented by
Kaiserstrasse 69, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
T. +49-69-269-1682-80


Stefan Milev represented by Kombinatrotweiss


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