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news featured by WILDFOX RUNNING ‘Finest goods curated with heart and mind’ - Stefan MILEV c/o WILDFOX RUNNING  photographs new products from the Düsseldorf concept store LIVE LAB STUDIOS

In September 2020, designer Stephanie Hahn opened a new LIVE LAB STUDIOS concept store in Düsseldorf-Unterbilk. The latest product arrivals were photographed by Stefan MILEV c/o WILDFOX RUNNING.

At the store, objects, stories and people are presented from the areas of design, fashion culture and cosmetics, emerging from a new intrinsic set of values. Around 200 square meters – minimalist and artistically designed – invite the like-minded and curious to experience and discover.

Founder Stephanie Hahn : “We consider it a place of dialogue and interaction for visitors who want to have a positive impact on both themselves and the environment. LIVE LAB STUDIOS is where traditional craftsmanship meets a modern mindset; we want to preserve while we continue to evolve, nurture and educate. Bridging the gap between and at the same time advocating for consumers and designers, artists and producers, we’ve created a new form of live product experience marked by in-depth information and...

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