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ZWIESEL GLASS – heritage with a festive atmosphere, photographed by Claudia GÖDKE c/o STILLSTARS for Brandtouch

“A majestic and mythical mise en scène by stylist Birgit Ehrlicher amid the heart of the Bavarian forest, the very origin of the Zwiesel Glass heritage…” Photos were shot by Claudia GOEDKE c/o STILLSTARS, and set design came from Birgit EHRLICHER c/o STILLSTARS (agency: Brandtouch).

The sound of toasting with a Zwiesel Glass is the unmistakable true sound of hospitality. Because each glass stands for dedicated passion and uncompromising quality. An aspiration manifested in the sound of each and every Zwiesel Glass. Condensing the history of the brand into its acoustic essence. And with each toast, this sound stands for so much more : The very special moments when we come together at the table, the feeling of joy shared by all, and for the humanity we all have in common. All this … SOUNDS LIKE ZWIESEL.
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Warm, sunlight-faded Mediterranean moods … interior stylist Cleo Scheulderman c/o STILLSTARS on the job for DEPOT

Warm, sunlight-faded Mediterranean moods fill stylist Cleo Scheulderman’s latest commission for DEPOT (photography: Debi Treloar). DEPOT is the source of inspiration for innovative furnishings and the place to go for home accessories, furniture, gifts and decorations.
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SUMMERBIRD CHOCOLATE - the ecological brand from Denmark with festive food creations by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS

STILLSTARS : “Within the darkness of Lars Ranek’s latest campaign for Summerbird Chocolate lies the seduction that leaves one hard pressed to not wonder what mouth-melting miracles might await…”

As one of the few chocolate makers, SUMMERBIRD CHOCOLATE roasts the cocoa beans from Ecuador and Peru in its in-house roasting house in Assens, Denmark.
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