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Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS photographs the RED JANE backery named after Jane Fonda in Crete

“A special project in Crete. At the bakery fondly named after Jane Fonda’s infamous ‘Hanoi Jane’ Vietnam photo, this collaboration brings together modern design and the building’s industrial history. Heidi Lerkenfeldt captured both the creativity as well as the hard work involved in baking.” STILLSTARS.

Wikipedia writes about Jane Fonda : “Fonda was a political activist in the counterculture era during the Vietnam War. She was photographed sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun while visiting Hanoi in 1972, which garnered her the nickname ‘Hanoi Jane’. At the time, she was effectively blacklisted in Hollywood, and since then, she has also protested against the Iraq War and violence against women. Jane Fonda describes herself as a feminist and environmental activist.”

The GUARDIAN tells us : “The series of photos was taken during Fonda’s visit to Hanoi, where she met with North Vietnamese troops and was pictured sitting on an anti-aircraft gun being used to target American planes. There was outrage at the pictures, and Fonda was branded a traitor, but she has frequently expressed regret for them.”

Jane Fonda on the pics : “It hurts me, and it will to my grave, that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers.” she said at a personal speaking engagement in Frederick, Maryland. “I hardly even thought about where I was sitting. The cameras flashed. I got up, and as I started to walk back to the car with the translator, the implication of what had just happened hit me. ‘Oh my God. It’s going to look like I was trying to shoot down U.S. planes.’ I pleaded with him, ‘You have to be sure those photographs are not published. Please, you can’t let them be published.’ I was assured it would be taken care of. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Red Jane is the brainchild of Nikos Tsepetis, the man behind Ammos Hotel. The bakery’s name is a playful twist on Jane Fonda’s scandalous Vietnam photo. Housed in an old foundry dating back to the 1930s, the building had been abandoned for many years – for Nikos it was love at first sight. He bought it and decided to open a space where the physical labor of baking could coexist with great design. Nikos asked designer Michael Anastassiades (whose name is synonymous with lighting) to join forces. Up until then, Michael had never taken on a full interior project, nor had he ever been to Crete. He said yes.

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Michael BRUNN c/o STILLSTARS photographs the brand-new women’s fragrance  MELLERIO ‘Couleur Vendome’ for Roos & Roos

“Michael Brunn captured the fragrance MELLERIO by Roos & Roos in a fresh spring-like setting.” STILLSTARS.

Mellerio Couleur Vendome by Roos & Roos is a amber floral fragrance for women launched in 2024. The nose behind the fragrance is Dominique Ropion.

“For Couleur Vendôme, I started with a Turkish rose. What guided me? Harness the vitality of a piece of Mellerio Jewelry from which a fantasized Eden emerges,” Dominique Ropion, perfumer.

Mellerio dits Meller is a French jewelry house which was founded in 1613 and is still active to this day. It is considered the oldest family business in Europe, and its namesake is the Mellerio cut, a 57-facet jewel cut, shaped as an oval within an ellipse. Mellerio is based in rue de la Paix, Paris, today with branches in Luxembourg and Japan.

Roos & Roos – Chantal Roos collaborated with YSL in the 1970s and helped to launch several hit fragrances such as Opium, Kouros and Paris, to name just a few. Chantal then joined Shiseido, where she was responsible for promoting the fragrances of Issey Miyake. In 2014, she launched her own perfume house Roos & Roos (previously Dear Rose) together with her daughter Alexandra.

Set design: Julie de Miranda, retouch was taken care of personally by Studio Michael Brunn.
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