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Carline Van Oel
Originally from the Netherlands, Carline van Oel is an interior stylist currently based in Munich. At a young age, she started her professional career as a modern dancer. Working intensively with different nationalities and performing in theatres all around the globe, enabled her to develop an instinctive feeling for aesthetics, alignment and composition. Once she had stopped dancing, stepping into the world of interior and design came quite naturally to her. After attending an art academy in Amsterdam, specialized in interior styling, she moved to Munich in 2010 and has been working on many projects for a wide variety of clients in Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland ever since. Carefully picked items and attention to detail signify Carline’s work. She is not so much interested in ‘decorating’, but more in adding and combining materials and shapes that make a difference to a space. Whether she works on location or in a studio, her aim is to put heart and soul into the subject that is being exposed. She seeks challenges in creating in a minimalistic and graphic way, but loves going for an eclectic chaos just as much – as long as the result brings joy to the eye.