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news featured by SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT Vitali Gelwich photographs the ‘Protect Peace’ campaign for SOUVENIR OFFICIAL - styling by Nicki PAULS c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management

Vitali Gelwich teamed up with Walandi Apoussidis, Affa Osman, Nicki PAULS c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management and Patrick Glatthaar to create the vision and spirit of the campaign. Together they came up with a romantic approach while experiencing the beauty and brutality of Berlin, to underscore the unity of the people they encountered in their environments. Instead of photographing models in a white studio, they chose a more documentary perspective, following participants and capturing their everyday moments in analogue photos.

Label co-founder David Mallon tells about the ‘Protect Peace’ campaign : “For ‘Protect Peace’, a lot of different aspects come together : We cooperated with the Kreuzberger Himmel organization from Berlin to realize the campaign, which we also supported with the launch. On some of the photos, Syrian refugees can be seen. Ten percent of the proceeds from the collection go to northern Syria, a region currently experiencing enormous humanitarian problems,...

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