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featured by WILDFOX RUNNING : Advancing Design with Circular Technology - the spot for the MYKITA x EASTMAN alliance by director Harun GÜLER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

Change is limited only by imagination … Harun GÜLER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING directed for the MYKITA x EASTMAN cooperation. Driven by more than 100 years of continuous innovation, Eastman is a global specialty materials company.

The spot advertises the innovative and resource-saving material Acetate Renew : “Cellulose acetate tow is a bio-based cellulosic fiber that is biodegradable in soil and under industrial and home composting conditions. Eastman Estron™ acetate tow is derived from wood pulp, a renewable resource from trees grown in responsibly managed forests and produced in a nearly closed-loop process where waste is either recycled, reused or sold.”

For all Acetate eyewear, MYKITA uses the sustainable material Acetate Renew. MYKITA was the first company in the eyewear industry to switch entirely to using only the sustainable Acetate Renew by Eastman for production. The high-quality material is no different from conventional acetate in terms of appearance and function. The material enables the production of eyewear with up to one third less carbon footprint compared to conventional manufacturing processes.

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Director Harun Güler c/o WILDFOX RUNNING
DOP Leander Ott
Client Xenia Glutz von Blotzheim & Karola Booß for MYKITA
Production Stink Films
Editing Harun Güler, Benedikt Strick
Sound Design Nikolaus Kuczewski
Music Next of Din (Nora Walchshofer & Rafael Walchshofer)
Hair & Makeup Gabrielle Theurer c/o basics berlin

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featured by SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT : Vitali Gelwich photographs the ‘Protect Peace’ campaign for SOUVENIR OFFICIAL - styling by Nicki PAULS c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management

Vitali Gelwich teamed up with Walandi Apoussidis, Affa Osman, Nicki PAULS c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management and Patrick Glatthaar to create the vision and spirit of the campaign. Together they came up with a romantic approach while experiencing the beauty and brutality of Berlin, to underscore the unity of the people they encountered in their environments. Instead of photographing models in a white studio, they chose a more documentary perspective, following participants and capturing their everyday moments in analogue photos.

Label co-founder David Mallon tells about the ‘Protect Peace’ campaign : “For ‘Protect Peace’, a lot of different aspects come together : We cooperated with the Kreuzberger Himmel organization from Berlin to realize the campaign, which we also supported with the launch. On some of the photos, Syrian refugees can be seen. Ten percent of the proceeds from the collection go to northern Syria, a region currently experiencing enormous humanitarian problems, similar to Yemen. Only one aid organization is still active in the region; all others have left long ago : Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê e. V., which can be compared to the Red Cross.

However, Germany does not support this organization because it is said to be close to the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) – in my opinion, for the plain and simple reason that we don’t want to upset President Erdogan. For me, it makes a lot more sense to support such a cause than to donate to a giant organization like Unicef, because there, you can never determine whom the money will benefit in the end. We don’t want to make a big deal out of the donation, but it is openly communicated on the website, in case there is anyone who does not want to support the cause.” GoSee : &
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