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Retouch · CGI · Final Artwork
Berlin, Barcelona
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news ‘Bond of Friendship’ – Amira Fritz does magic with analogue photography for Frankfurter Allgemeine magazine 05/2021, post production by SUBLIME Berlin

The photographic style of Amira Fritz is marked by an unconventional and sensitive use of focus – from sharp to soft. The art lies in her mastery of analogue photography, developing everything only by hand and giving each motif, or the entire series for that matter, its very special charm and effect, not lastly through the careful steps taken by Sublime in post. Her modern style is an interplay of color, light and focus, to stage jewelry and accessories with a playful lightness.

“What makes these motifs so beautiful is their playful approach to analogue photography, how they push the limits of what can be done… for maximum effect, and by doing so, create imagery far from anything purely digital photography ever could,” says Andreas Freitag, CEO at Sublime Postproduction.

The series can now be seen in the issue from 8 May. Interesting detail: the 8/5 set of earrings was specially designed for the date of publication by Eliza Weiss from Munich. If you like what you see, find further...

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