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featured by SRZ creative management : Fashion & Portrait – works by SVENJA BLOBEL c/o SRZ CREATIVE MANAGEMENT on GoSee

Here on GoSee, we present a glimpse at the fresh portfolio of SVENJA BLOBEL c/o SRZ CREATIVE MANAGEMENT. The main focus of her work is on portraits and fashion photography. Before becoming self-employed in Berlin, she assisted for Uwe Düttmann as well as for Anja Boxhammer, Robert Grischek and Florian Grill. With her keen eye for detail paired with her sense of color and light, she has developed her very own feminine visual language.

“In her photos, she skillfully creates an unobtrusive presence marked by captivating shapes, colors and her conceptional approach to the composition of her images. Each photo tells its own story. Seemingly fleeting moments combined with a consciously guided viewer perspective enable us to become immersed in fantastical situations,” says Sonja from SRZ Creative MGMT.
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featured by les Artists by Josef Stockinger : Svenja Blobel photographs the cover spread for GMARO magazine – grooming by Anja EL SAWAF c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger

“GMARO magazine was established in 2018 as a full-service creative magazine within the fashion industry. We cover three key areas, fashion & beauty, design & living, and art & photography for the fashion-conscious. GMARO magazine is built on the belief that fashion should be photographed beautifully and complemented by exclusive interviews, groundbreaking editorial features, and powerful journalism. Our magazine is a place for all creatives to express their creativity, thoughts, and ideas.”

Svenja Blobel photographed the cover spread for GMARO magazine. At her side was visagist Anja EL SAWAF c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger. GoSee :
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