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News // 12 News by Sven Jacobsen

SVEN JACOBSEN presents you his new reel and is now represented by BRANSCH – and meet BRANSCH at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

Photographer and director Sven Jacobsen is known for his authentic visual language and timeless snapshots. His photography is marked by a deep appreciation for simplicity and mindfulness. In an increasingly complex and artificial world, Sven’s work represents a consistent call for preserving genuine truth, a theme that he masterfully imbues in his pictures.

He finds joy in the simple things and the aesthetics of the moment, using his artistic vision to capture and convey mood. Emotionality, lightness, and authenticity are paramount in Sven’s approach, as he seeks to uncover the essence of his subjects, embracing imperfections and conveying warmth and truth.

Through his emotional and evocative style, Sven’s images serve as an homage to a world that is often overlooked but still very much present and beckoning to us every day. His visual language defies the modern-day obsession with perfection and instead captures the beauty of real life, inviting viewers to share in the wonder of the world around them.

Sven Jacobsen is now represented by Bransch.

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SVEN JACOBSEN photographs the international brand campaign for JULIUS BÄR ‘How we invest today is how we live tomorrow’ (Zum Goldenen Hirschen)

The agency Zum Goldenen Hirschen based in Cologne was in charge of developing and realizing the global image campaign for Swiss management group JULIUS BÄR – with eye-catching motifs photographed by SVEN JACOBSEN last autumn in Vienna (production: E&P Munich). Embracing the claim : ‘How we invest today is how we live tomorrow’, it’s designed to inspire us to make the most of the options presented to us today.

“We are all investors in a better future. And it’s our job as wealth managers to inspire our clients to take action today that will enable them to achieve what’s most important to them tomorrow,” says Larissa Alghisi Rubner, Chief Communications Officer at Julius Bär. “The campaign really makes me very proud – it gets to the heart of our brand. It is modern, emotional, and profound, without seeming too excited or forced. It all wouldn’t have been possible without the keen sensitivity, creativity and professionalism of the team from Zum Goldenen Hirschen.” Rubner adds.

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SVEN JACOBSEN shoots fashion films for CASAMODA on the Danish coast and against a modern architectural backdrop

For the client CASAMODA, SVEN JACOBSEN teamed up with Özkan Özdemir from Ozkanfilms to realize two fashion films in Denmark. CASAMODA is a sporty fashion brand known for shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, and ties with casual style. The films were shot on the impressive Danish coast and against a modern architectural backdrop. Production was in the hands of SPEEDBALL PRODUCTIONS.
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