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news featured by Lise Anne Marsal ‘Sweet Hortensias’ – the kids fashion shoot by LISE ANNE MARSAL for SWEET MAGAZINE

Once upon a time, long long ago… Kids & fashion photographer LISE ANNE MARSAL, Parisienne by residency, produced an editorial in the French countryside with enchanting young actors for SWEET Magazine. The ‘good old days’ vibe also led to a choice of understated colors for the spread and a focus on natural materials.

Serving as the central theme and namesake was the hortensia, aka hydrangea, with its strong symbolism front and center. The flower represents gratitude, beauty and grace. Because of its lavish number of small blossoms and large spherical shape, it radiates generosity and abundance, according to popular belief. But there’s more: its colors also symbolize love, harmony and peace.

Responsible for styling was Virginie Fauconnier c/o SWEET, and post was in the hands of Almedin Kramo.

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