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THÖMUS Lightrider E Ultimate - the lightest full-suspension electric mountain bike in the world, photographed by TERENCE DU FRESNE

With its new Lightrider E Ultimate model, THÖMUS has launched the lightest full-suspension electric mountain bike in the world. The record-breaking low weight of less than 15 kg is made possible by the small but so efficient maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR drive system in a super light Ultra High Modulus carbon fibre frame.

Terence du Fresne photographed the product shots of the full-suspension and feather-light electric mountain bike in the studio. Post production was also taken care of in-house by Terence du Fresne (CGI: Frédéric Müller, Creative Director: Bene Abegglen).

The company Thömus AG, founded in the year 1991 by Thomas Binggeli at the age of seventeen, is a Swiss bicycle manufacturer of mountain bikes, racing bikes, city bikes and electric bikes with headquarters in Oberried near Bern. All products are exclusively developed and designed in-house, produced together with partners, and then custom-built in the company workshop.

For more than 30 years, Thömus has been synonymous for high-tech bikes Made in Switzerland. ‘Swiss made to fascinate’ is the credo of the company – which also has the fastest delivery to show for even in the middle of a bike boom.

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HOMININAE HELVETICA’ – an art project by Studio Thom Pfister and TERENCE DU FRESNE to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Bernese guild society ‘zum Affen’

‘Homininae Helvetica’ was created on commission of Studio Thom Pfister and Burgerliche Ersparniskasse (BEK) for the 700th anniversary of the guild society ‘zum Affen’. The elaborate photo montage unites the themes of Bern, the stonemason handicraft and monkeys. Idea, concept, photography, and retouching/compositing all came from TERENCE DU FRESNE.

The guild society ‘zum Affen’ is one of the thirteen ancient craftsman societies and guilds (guild society of stonemasons and engravers) in the city of Bern and a corporation under public law guaranteed by the constitution of the canton of Bern. The guildhall is located on Kramgasse 5 in Bern’s old town district and can be immediately recognized by the red monkey on the facade. The guild society ‘zum Affen’ is mentioned in historical sources for the first time as a fraternity of stonemasons in the year 1321 and is therefore one of the oldest guild societies of the city of Bern and in Switzerland.

“Artists, gifted as they are in the art of imitation, were already referred to as the ‘monkeys of God’ during the times of early Christianity. The guild society was presumably given the name ‘zum Affen’ because the guildhall, acquired by the guild in 1389, was named ‘Haus zum Affen’. For the ‘monkeys of God’ who dedicated their lives to stonemasonry, it had always been ‘der Aff’, or ‘the monkey’, from the very beginning, because in the language of stonemasons, the ‘monkey’ is the rough, unhewn ashlar fresh from the quarry. What can be magically crafted from the massive ashlar by stonemasons can be admired on the beautiful buildings in the old town of Bern and particularly in the cathedral.” says the guild ‘zum Affen’.

To honor the founders of 1820, the Burgerliche Ersparniskasse Bern regularly engages with the guilds through various projects. For example, the 700th anniversary of the guild society ‘zum Affen’ was taken as an opportunity to invite Bernese artists to explore the theme of the monkey and Bern in their works. The concept of inviting artists and the motto ‘The Monkeys of Bern’ came from the agency Studio Thom Pfister.

An exhibition took place last year in Kornhausforum Bern. The works of the eighteen artists are published on the website of the digital annual report 2021. The art magazine can be purchased at the counter of the Burgerliche Ersparniskasse Bern.

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‘MAKRO WORLD’ presents urban landscapes and architecture, a photography project by TERENCE DU FRESNE

MAKRO WORLD presents you urban landscapes and architecture in Bern for miniature figures. Idea, photography, retouching and compositing all from a single source by Terence du Fresne.

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