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Category  Artist
Location  Berlin
about // Iman Rezai Iman Rezai is an artist. For him art is, "what it is. Full stop. Done." Plastic debris, pieces of clothing, items found in dumpsters, objects that have a history are transformed into large scale...


Category  Nude · Photo Prod
Location  Berlin, Hamburg
about // MAY WE INTRODUCE: MARC VAN DALEN On the Edge: He escapes everyday life and captures freedom, spontaneity and, especially, naked beauties. Of course, only with his camera. And so he does what everyone else can only dream of:...
clients // Clients & Publications: - Allure US - Bambi US - Cosmopolitan Germany - Glamour France - Glamour Spain - GQ Germany - Grazia FR - Harpers Bazar RU - FHM UK - Flair IT - Jung Von Matt...


Category  Artist
Location  Berlin, Berlin
about // Wash & Observe: The Dixicuzzi is the world's most crazy hot tub In Berlin, art can easily be found on the toilet. A recent highlight of the Berlin club and gallery scene being the conversion of regular portaloos into the mobile party and wellness sensation,...


Category  Artist
Location  Berlin
about // Hagen Vogel - A Master of Fan Art Hagen Vogel ( born 1988 in Berlin) demonstrates fan art in a whole new level. His influences range from the modern internet and gaming scene of the fan or better ‘follower’ culture and the imagery...