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DE MOI® All Natural Line - Powered by Philippine Botanicals
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The new All Natural Line by Swiss beauty brand DE MOI® BY DEMEE KOCH skillfully combines active ingredients, such as Swiss-formulated Alpha Arbutin, considered the world's most advanced anti-aging ingredient, with the power of Philippine healing plants. The rich biodiversity of the Philippines offers a vast population and variety of plants, which hold great use as natural ingredients for cosmetic applications.
The conservation of old, traditional knowledge on the properties of the Philippine’s power botanicals and providing jobs for the local communities is a matter of the heart for beauty industry veteran Demee Koch.
“Grooming is part of our culture,“ says the Swiss-based Filipina. “My mother says cleanliness is next to Godliness. Growing up, we used the natural remedies of local plants like coconut and aloe vera for our hair and skin. We use ginger for healing, and guava for wounds, cleansing and after giving birth. Women gather and bond over age-old beauty practices.“
As an adult, Demee would leave the Philippines to work in the luxury beauty industry in the UAE, and later do her MBA in Switzerland, where the mum of two now supports women’s beauty from all walks of life through her conscious beauty movement.
The DE MOI® products stand for rich ingredients and multi-functional use. With the All Natural Line, Demee fuses Swiss scientific expertise with her Filipino roots. The Philippines are in a unique position to supply indigenous and innovative natural ingredients. Philippine power botanicals such as papain, guava, turnip and aloe vera enrich the science-activated formulas in the new All Natural Line.
Papain, an enzym from the Philippine papaya, supports skin repairing, exfoliation and hydration. Find it in the DE MOI® Skin Perfect Beauty Bar.
Guava fights free radicals and aging processes. Its properties are anti-fungal, antimicrobial and astringent. Find it in the DE MOI® Ultimate Intimate Wash Bar.
Philippine Turnip’s superpower is deep hydration, clarifying and skin lightening properties. Find it in the DE MOI® Skin Perfect Beauty Bar.
Aloe Vera is well-known for its naturally moisturizing, and subsequently healing properties, and packed with antioxidants. Find it in the DE MOI® Skin Perfect Elixir Face Serum.
Ingredients are locally cultivated which contributes to the economic and social well-being of the growing areas. “DE MOI® stands for empowerment through beauty,“ says Demee and adds: “I want the Filipinos to be proud of their power botanical ingredient, treatments and skills.“
The DE MOI® All Natural Line is available at demoi.ch and at selected department stores around the globe.
IMAGE // DE MOI® Conscious Beauty
IMAGE // DE MOI® Conscious Beauty