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featured by GoSee FASHION : Sustainability, trends and environmental activism: Welcome to the online fashion platform STAIY – because transition in fashion is starting now!

STAIY is an online fashion platform which exclusively curates sustainable brands – combining sustainability, trends and environmental activism in a exhilaratingly multifaceted and technological approach. STAIY challenges the status quo of the online fashion industry, which is in need of a change for the better.

The overarching mission of STAIY is to accelerate the transition toward sustainable fashion and thus minimize its ecological footprint – for a sustainable future. The platform guides its customers on a responsible path and creates the basis for a seamless transition to more conscious shopping behavior – without compromising style consciousness.

STAIY offers sustainable fashion brands a cutting-edge platform that reaches the modern consumer, supporting low environmental impact, ethical production and mindful fashion without sacrificing technological progress in the shopping experience. The platform launched on the European market in November 2019. Its founders are four young Italian entrepreneurs who have chosen Berlin as the STAIY headquarters.

SHOP FASHION CONSCIOUSLY – with the strongest sustainable brands available on the European market such as Komodo, Malimo and Francis Stories, STAIY has curated a selection of timeless collection items. They are brought to STAIY customers with personal recommendations visually and in a user-friendly manner.

“We believe that the most signifiant area in which sustainable fashion can be improved is in its accessibility and personalization: It is not easy for consumers to find a place where they can shop sustainably. So they often take the easy way out and buy from fashion giants who offer a bit of everything and are easy to find. The sustainable fashion industry can only be effective if it can attract some of these buyers,” says co-founder Adrian Leue.

To kick off the launch campaign, STAIY is cooperating with Berlin-based photographers Alexander Flach and Steffen Grap as well as stylists Saskia Schmidt and Karo Rose. The main aim of the campaign, developed in collaboration with Atelier Neu, is to demonstrate that sustainable fashion brands are definitely capable of being an authority when it comes to style. STAIY sees itself as an ambassador that empowers customers to shop for fashion in a conscious, loyal, stylish, transparent and responsible manner.

“Sustainability has to become the standard throughout the fashion industry. At STAIY, we strive to convince as broad a public as possible. Our aim is to show as many people as possible that, when sustainable and stylish behavior go hand in hand, it can have a real impact on the industry,” Leue adds.

SUSTAINABILITY & ACTIVISM – for the founders of STAIY, sustainability is not a trend but the ethical foundation for everything they do, a lifestyle they also convey through their platform. Water, air, materials, work conditions and commitment to the community are the pillars of sustainability, upon which STAIY evaluates each of its selected brands. It is an in-depth assessment of the brand’s footprint through their value chain, for which each aspect analyzed is in line with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as specified by the United Nations.

STAIY customers are given the opportunity to enjoy an intense and targeted shopping experience while doing something good for our planet: STAIY has developed a bonus system which is linked to the shopping process and aimed at extending the positive environmental balance of its customers. Customers receive impact points depending on the brands they have purchased, which can then be used to make donations to STAIY’s non-profit organization, One Tree Planted (onetreeplanted.org). The reforestation initiatives of One Tree Planted support further purposes such as empowering women in Rwanda, restoring the Amazon rainforest in Peru, and providing sources of water in Kenya.

Certifications such as the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and FWF (Fair Wear Foundation), which are analyzed in detail and trace the individual supply chain, help to recognize a brand’s commitment to sustainability. All these steps are monitored by STAIY’s sustainability commissioner, Carine Lima.

STYLE PERSONALIZATION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – in cooperation with experts from the leading technology company Reply, the STAIY team has developed an outstanding, style-oriented recommendation algorithm, enabling a personalized and unique user experience.

The STAIY algorithm takes advantage of the universal language of images. It is able to scan product pictures to determine the style of an item and detect the ones that fit with the individual style of the consumer. The app’s on-board questionnaire serves as a first style direction, after which the in-app feedback allows for unique personalization of the offering. The possibility of evaluating a displayed item renders the consumer experience very interactive, while refining the recommendation process and enhancing the quality time on the platform.

“We were inspired to create something that could raise the standard of the online fashion experience, since the rapidly growing market has room for improvement in many regards. In the beginning, we focused on a solution that could significantly reduce the problem with returned sales because it harms businesses and our planet. Following deep research into the fashion industry, we found out that returns are only a tiny part of a system in need of restructuring. The idea gradually developed into something with the potential of leading to change for a better future: the first sustainable fashion market place with AI personalization,” co-founder Ludovico Durante reports.

STAIY is now available live in the App Store, on Google Play as well as online. GoSee: staiy.com.
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The Coup opens the market for exclusive real estate projects in Athens and presents Nireos on GoSee: iconic architecture on the Athens Riviera

Nireos by Estia Development is located in Voula on the Athens Riviera, one of the most prestigious and coveted regions in Athens, Greece. The three-part apartment building is based on the concept of a glass house. This maintains transparency and the volume does not appear solid. The aim of the design is for the slabs to appear light. Perforation through organic atria in critical locations allows fresh air and natural lighting to penetrate the building.

Water plays a vital role in the design process, views open directly onto the sea with pools and ponds seamlessly integrated on each floor. The water and mirrors reflect light and the organic forms of the building. The mirrors are used to open up and liberate space. The reflections, the form and the environment all work as parts of one bigger synthesis.

The Coup opens the market for exclusive real estate projects in Athens – a city just ahead of a hype. Find out more under athens.thecoup.de

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