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THODEPOHLAI COMMUNICATION realized this spread for ELLE Croatia with photographer Thomas Schmidt and model Joana Cortes. It was photographed at Hamburg’s Luna Studios.

“The spread is themed upon the many facets of the blue fabric found in so many high fashion brands – from straight to sexy… simply for all denim lovers of both today and tomorrow.” Karsten Pohlai, CEO of THODEPOHLAI COMMUNICATION. On set for hair & makeup was Karina Asmus.

ELLE was founded in Paris immediately following World War II and first sold as a supplement to France Soir, published at the time by Pierre Lazareff. ELLE Croatia belongs to the magazine publishing house Adria Media Zagreb, which has nine magazines and nine online issues at the moment.

The company Adria Media Zagreb was created through a merger of the publishing companies Sanoma Magazines Zagreb, Gruner & Jahr (formerly Burda), X-Press, and Adria Magazine, which have traded since 2 November, 2006, under the name Adria Media Zagreb.

Today, the Adria Media Group is the leading publishing company in Serbia and is also active in Croatia and Montenegro. With more than one million readers, it is available at more than 29,000 sales outlets and has more than 600 employees.

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THODEPOHLAI COMMUNICATION presents you ‘WILD SIDE’, the editorial by photographer Thomas Schmidt with model Max Bender on GoSee

“It’s time to rediscover the wild man in you. The untamed soul that lies slumbering deep inside of every human being. Time to reveal it. Be the hunter, but sometimes the game if you want. Just the way this new, free and self-confident breed of man likes it.” THODEPOHLAI COMMUNICATION.

The personal editorial was photographed by Thomas Schmidt with male model Max Bender at Hamburg’s Luna Studio.

With creative ideas and authentic stories, THODEPOHLAI COMMUNICATION turns brands into an experience, staging worlds for lasting inspiration that arouse desires and touch us emotionally : “Our messages are not empty promises but always deliver impressively substantial results full of meaning – because a brand is successful as long as it never loses its charisma.”

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NEW at GoSee : THODEPOHLAI COMMUNICATION, a creative communication agency from Hamburg; we present you the accessories editorial ‘FINEST THINGS’ as an introduction

NEW at GoSee is THODEPOHLAI, a creative communication agency from Hamburg with a clear focus on fashion and lifestyle. Many years of experience across the various areas of communication enable the agency to provide integrated communication solutions which sustainably inspire brands and other clients alike : “With meticulous attention to detail and an ethos of partnership, we always keep our eye on the goal.”

To start with, we present you the spread ‘Finest Things’ – men’s accessories with style. CEO Karsten Pohlai tells us : “In this editorial, we have put together a selection of the finest things for men in the area of accessories and staged them with sophistication. Inspired by geometric shapes and designs, we have created a very special kind of world, together with stylist Sylvie Heinrichs and still photographer Caroline Rommel, which viewers, or men for that matter, will certainly first enjoy getting to the bottom of.”

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