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News // 11 News by Thomas Schorn

THOMAS SCHORN visualizes the complete market launch for luxury garage builder FAHRENGOLD

Specialized in transportation, photographer THOMAS SCHORN was in charge of producing the brand campaign for Berlin-based company FAHRENGOLD. Responsible for realizing more than 60 elaborate full CGI visuals was RAY Studio, Thomas Schorn’s in-house CGI and post production company.

FAHRENGOLD builds luxury garages – and is specialized in bespoke solutions for staging and storing cars that are worth millions. The company is known for designing exclusive, finest quality garages that meet the demands of the most discerning car aficionados and collectors.

Plus, FAHRENGOLD has just launched its Bikepad, co-developed with Ducati, making it now possible to safely store and showcase your favorite motorcycle in the garage, the living room or wherever you like.

Fahrengold is the global leader when it comes to innovative staging, storage, & security solutions for the auto industry & car collectors. With a design-driven approach rooted in the heart of the storied German automotive & manufacturing legacy, Fahrengold debuted the Carpad line – a next-gen staging solution and an industry first in 2020. Within only three years, the Carpad & FG product lines expanded to over 10 countries and are now trusted by many of the world’s leading brands & collectors – from Bugatti to Porsche, Bentley or Mercedes-Benz.

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HANKOOK TIRES is the official tire supplier of Formula E – photos by THOMAS SCHORN 

Over the past roughly two and a half years, THOMAS SCHORN has been granted the wonderful privilege of accompanying the path of HANKOOK TIRES as official tire supplier of the FIA Formula E into the racing series with his camera. From the initial rollout of the Gen3 prototype in Monteblanco to the first race in Mexico City, far more than 2000 editorial assets in total have been shot.

Specially developed for electric vehicles, the iON brand has found in Formula E racing the perfect stage to impressively demonstrate its holistic performance as part of this world-class event.

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is a racing series for single-seater, open-cockpit, open-wheel formula cars with an electric motor, which was brought to life upon the initiative of Jean Todt according to the plans of promoter Alejandro Agag and his company Formula E Holdings on behalf of FIA. It has been held on street circuits worldwide since 13 September 2014.

“Big thanks to the whole team and especially Lars Heberer, Creative Lead at Hankook Europe, for this amazing ride!” Thomas Schorn.

With iON, the premium tire manufacturer Hankook launched its first tire family in 2022 which has been specially designed for electric vehicles. This approach marks the company’s decisive contribution, from a tire choice perspective, to advancing the transition of mobility towards zero-emission vehicles. Hankook Tire is a global manufacturer of innovative, award-winning radial tires of proven superior quality for premium passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, RVs, trucks, and buses as well as motorsports (circuit racing/street circuits/rallies).
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‘Airytale’ featuring the McLaren Speedtail – personal work by THOMAS SCHORN

The McLaren Speedtail is an almost fairy-tale fusion of artistry and engineering in automotive design. Marked by pure, streamlined elegance, it’s easy to forget that a breathtaking 1,050 PS paired with a top speed of over 400 km/h are why the McLaren Speedtail is a vehicle that dominates the road like no other.

Created fully in CGI, the series by photographer THOMAS SCHORN was staged similar to a fashion shoot, skillfully playing with the attributes of this work of art on wheels – effortless, elegant and ready to dominate.

“The personal project ‘Airytale’ is the symbiosis of ‘air’ and ‘fairy tale’, and perfectly describes the character of the McLaren Speedtail.” Thomas Schorn tells us.

Photographer & Concept: Thomas Schorn
CGI: RAY Studio / ray-studio.de

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