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news Angelina Jolie, Lauren Ridloff, Salma Hayek, Rita Moreno, Jennifer Hudson, Halle Berry and Gal Gadot are the ELLE US ‘Women In Hollywood’ – 7 stars, 7 covers, produced by TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION

“There were moments over the past twenty months when it felt like we might never be able to safely step foot inside a movie theater again. Near the start of the pandemic, Hollywood stars, like all nonessential workers, were sidelined, left to cheer on healthcare workers and ponder their own purpose in a changed world. Some jumped into action, protesting police brutality or lending their platforms to activists on the front lines. And then, slowly, COVID protocols in place, filming began again.” says ELLE US in its November ‘21 issue, in which it celebrates its ‘definition of resilient’ with very special actresses.

The spread was produced by TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION. Seven covers, seven spreads, photographed by Greg Williams and styled by A-list stylist Elizabeth Stewart. And a reliable source tells us that Tightrope Production was more than delighted with Angelina Jolie’s performance during the shoot : superstar, mom – and the perfect high wire artist !

ELLE US explains in the article :...

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