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featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : BOSCHTOBANRAP, Photographers & Directors Representation, Berlin & Cologne; the creative fusion of BANRAP GmbH and TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT. In other words : Sven and Tobias are now representing their artists together

January 1st, 2021, marked the beginning of BOSCHTOBANRAP – the creative fusion of BANRAP GmbH and TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT. The new agency looks forward to going down new avenues together. It not only banks on growth but also on sustainable values and cooperations with clients. The focus in the future will be even more on the continuous personal development of its artists and the entire team.

Sven Gless has led his agency BANRAP, headquartered in Cologne, for more than fifteen years. Tobias Bosch (Cologne & Berlin) celebrated his ten year anniversary in 2020 together with his agency. The two agents met one another while working at the Association of Representatives and soon started collaborative projects to generate synergies.

It began with the invention of the RFI photo table at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf, followed in 2018 by a charity event with an exhibition of works by their artists which took place at Boutique Hotel Maison Marsil to benefit Pro Namibian Children e.V.. Then came their first mutual appearance with a trade fair booth at UPDATE, embracing the claim ‘Together’ in 2019. And they teamed up with GoSee to sponsor the glamorous Art Producer & GoSeeAWARD Jury Dinners at UPDATE Berlin.

Then it was only a question of time until the decision was made : Together is better. Why not combine the best of the two agencies? In 2020, both representations developed a mission and mutual vision for the new agency which was brought to life through workshops with the employees and artists.

In January, 2021, the time had finally come. Formed out of (Tobias) Bosch and Banrap in the ‘Together’ spirit was Bosch Banrap together GmbH with its first new brand BOSCH to BANRAP. The representation with more than 20 artists and a six-member team of employees has now officially set up shop.

Sven and Tobias tell GoSee : “We work together with an experienced team of experts made up of bookers, project managers, in-house producers, and coaches. Our team is distributed among the two locations Cologne and Berlin. And available to all artists and interested parties in the future in Cologne is studio and gallery space, which we refer to as ‘Creative Space’.” We will, of course, keep you posted here on GoSee about how the new agency is developing – together. Until then – GoSee : boschtobanrap.com
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The ultimate NEWS in 2020 from TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT : VOGUE Czech, ELLE Hungary, idea competition IQOS, Adidas meets Mini, L’OFFICIEL Austria, Share Now – Fiat 500 campaign, personal work; TBFM bids farewell to 2020 and will be seeing you again in 2021 with new style – so keep your eyes peeled !

At the Gut Boltenhof farm, Marie SCHMIDT c/o TOBIAS BOSCH photographed model Cosima FRITZ c/o ICONIC Management for VOGUE Czech. Styling was in the hands of Tomislav Blaic with hair & make-up by Sabine Högerl. For the ELLE Hungary December issue, she had model Nienke Kupierst in front of her camera. H&M: Jamal Musa.

The idea competition IQOS promotes the best ideas for the future. The top-notch jury was portrayed by Ruprecht STEMPELL c/o TBFM, for which Lea Sophie Cramer, Tim Mälzer, Philipp Westermeyer, and Finn Kliemann stood in front of the camera. Styling: Julia Neubauer c/o NINA KLEIN, with make-up support from Nina Klein Agency. Post production was in the hands of Jenny Cremer.

Adidas meets Mini – Malte JÄGER went on a tour in Portland to photograph Chris Law who sees the future in the past for MINI insider magazine. Chris Law, Head of Design for Adidas Originals, has been a MINI fan ever since he was a boy. “Shoes and cars have a lot in common when it comes to design,” says Chris Law.

This latest personal work by Immo Fuchs presents amazing model Philipp c/o ICONIC, who was styled by Immo with hair & make-up by Melanie Krüger.

Colorful eye-catcher – the new VW T-ROC 3 was photographed by Georg ROSKE for VOLKSWAGEN together with assistant Luis Bompastor and stylist Peninah AMANDA c/o LIGANORD.

Fun at the thrift shop – playful personal work photographed in Hamburg by kids photographer Miriam LINDTHALER together with stylist Stefanie Schmidt & Coco Ax.

Look up get lost – personal work by photographer Harald SCHAA K together with stylist Stefanie Schmidt, hair & make-up artist: Coco Ax. Post by Denis Sokolowski.

Soaking up the last rays of sunshine – Tobias WIRTH and his team, based in Berlin and Paris, shot this beautiful editorial for L’OFFICIEL Austria. Production was in the hands of Winterer Production. Model Lara B. c/o PARS MANAGEMENT was styled by Konstantinos Gkoumpetis with hair & make-up by Katharina HANDEL c/o BASICS.BERLIN.

David HAASE shot the new campaign for Share Now – taking a ride with the Fiat 500 á la dolce vita, late summer light and a city cruise to boot… The project was realized together with the agency Jung von Matt, with production support by CLAAS CROPP. Models Yousef & Gabriella c/o Izaio were styled by Alexandra Henkel c/o LIGANORD, with hair & make-up by Andrea Young.
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KIOSQ nails it with the release of the Statement skateboard deck – artwork by Harald SCHAACK c/o TOBIAS BOSCH Fotomanagement

Bad habits, good days… Founder and graphic designer Piotr Zapasnik teamed up with friends to start his own label Kiosq Supply. For the release of KIOSQ’s Statement skateboard deck, the Düsseldorf-based brand collaborated with Artist Harald SCHAACK c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT to come up with a visual concept for the launch. Harald was in charge of the visual effects which ultimately gave the skaters the extremely reduced mirage-like look. Meanwhile, the webshop of the label is also online. GoSee : kiosq-supply.com
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