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featured by GoSeeAWARDS : GoSee AWARDS 2023 : Linda Schaeffler wins Gold, Silver goes to Tobias Habermann, Artistspool and Anouk Nitsche share Bronze, and Julia Buruleva is the public’s favorite – We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts !

The GoSeeAWARDS 2023 : Linda Schaeffler wins Gold, Silver goes to Tobias Habermann, Bronze is shared by Artistspool and Anouk Nitsche, and Julia Buruleva is voted favorite of the public.

As Andrea Vollmer-Hess, photo editor, syndication and rights manager of VOGUE Germany, as well as GoSeeAWARDS juror, put it in an interview with GoSee : “It’s not about a single image; as producers or photo editors, we want to see if a photographer can photograph a story – that’s the only way to truly see their individual style. A photo shoot is always like a theater production: One scene alone doesn’t make a story. Only when you have seen all scenes do you understand what it is all about. Only then do you see if a photographer can make a topic come to life in a photo spread. As a photographer, you should always be curious, continue to evolve, and you can only do so if you see a lot and are open to new things.”

Photographer and DOP Linda Schaeffler – who is also the GoSeeAWARDS GOLD winner – has dealt intensively with the topic of AI. She has not only developed an image but also the screenplay for a multi-part film. Her photos ensnare viewers, make them curious and also function as a solitaire.

SILVER winner Tobias Habermann plays with the cloud as a motif which he positions in various urban scenarios to tell a beautiful poetic story.

The creative team of Ralph Mecke, fashion editor Yilmaz Aktepe and hair & makeup artist Marco Hülsebus, both artists c/o ARTISTSPOOL, realized a slightly dark and captivating fashion spread including a video. They share third place with fashion photographer Anouk Nitsche.

Julia Buruleva took home the win in our Public Voting. SYNCHRONIZATION – the self-portrait project by Julia BURULEVA, represented by ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS, combines elements of photography, land art, performance and digital art. (GoSee reported).

Take a look at all of our 20 truly must-see finalists on our shortlist at :
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featured by GoSeeAWARDS : ‘Clouds’ – the fine art project by Tobias Habermann wins Silver at the GoSeeAWARDS 2023

‘Transparent patches within opaque environments,’ is how Tobias Habermann describes his project ‘Clouds’ for which he has been showing a cloud in a mix of street art and digital art against urban backdrops for many years. The somewhat surreal motifs are at the same time poetic and fascinating.

The feather-light simplicity of his concept seduced the jury and saw him ascend to second place, SILVER that is, at the GoSeeAWARDS ‘23.

Tobias was born in northern Germany and grew up in the south. His whole life, he wanted to become a doctor… and his mother reminds of it to this day. But then he stumbled upon photography. He fell in love with the idea of traveling around the world photographing the most beautiful women in the most magnificent places… But his first jobs as an assistant quickly proved to be a reality check.

Following several years of training with many of the most famous photographers of our time, he realized that he was on the right track. After studying in England and China, he graduated in 2006 from the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. His diploma thesis on contemporary artists in Beijing won the Kodak Young Talents Award that same year. Since then, Tobias has been working for numerous clients around the globe. He is represented by NERGER M&O.

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featured by NERGER M&O : PORSCHE Ice Stories – photographed by Tobias HABERMANN c/o NERGER M&O for the agency Grabarz und Partner

Porsche Ice Stories
CLIENT Porsche AG | Porsche Ice Experience
AGENCY Grabarz und Partner | Hamburg
PHOTO Tobias Habermann
TALENTS Climber Tapio Alhonsuo, Skiier Jason Levinthal
DRIVER Richard Lietz & Jukka Honkavuori

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