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“Many people might be used to using a phone to order a meal or book a reservation, but a new service is bringing that same thinking to the modeling industry. UBooker uses a web site to connect models and clients online, and the new way models are getting hired is designed to put more control in the hands of the women doing the work. It also helps put more money in their pockets. They have a new ally in UBooker, just as Fashion Week is set to begin Thursday here in the city.” ABC7NY by Sandy Kenyon Tuesday, February 07, 2017 04:40PM

We believe models and clients deserve the power of choice—and that the modeling industry is ready to join sharing economy.

  • A transparent, more democratized booking platform designed for models, by models, can also benefit clients.
  • Technology can make modeling and finding talent easier without sacrificing on service or professionalism.
  • Models can flourish when they better understand their market and play a more active, balanced role in growing their careers.
From these beliefs we built UBOOKER, a platform where clients can quickly choose from a wider variety of beautiful and professional models—while paying less in fees. And where models get more exposure, control their rates, choose what jobs they want to take and share financially in UBOOKER’s growth.

The origins of UBOOKER go back as far as 2000 when our co-founder models Claudia and Diana met while waiting for yet another delayed flight in Milan’s Malpensa airport. After hitting it off, the models remained close friends as both learned the ins and outs of the business and creative sides of their craft—allowing them to change with the times and maintain active modeling careers lasting over two decades. The idea for UBOOKER actually came to them years ago, when they saw fast fashion changing the industry with an increase in direct bookings and higher demand for shoots. They also realized it was a chance to improve the modeling careers of their fellow models—a way to give them more power and boost their earnings.

Finally, in 2015, over dinner in New York, Claudia and Diana committed to bringing their vision to life. They knew the time was right—that the confluence of technology advances and the prevalence of online booking tools presented an opportunity for something unique: a more transparent way to book models. From there, they enlisted investors and two co-founders—fashion executive Nicola and product development guru Andrea—to ensure they were building a tool that reflected the best of technology and addressed industry needs.