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news featured by GoSee SHOP GoSee says thank you for the year 2023 with a very special PROMOTIONAL OFFER : the all-inclusive 180 EURO Package

The year 2023 has been a challenge for all of us – war, the post-Covid aftermath, more war, and meanwhile AI everywhere … not exactly for the faint of heart. Budget adjustments, cutbacks, extended deadlines … make planning that much more difficult and demand of us patience as well as perseverance.

Here at GoSee, we love to work on the NEWS of our PREMIUM Members – in other words, all the research, editing, writing and translating, until it is finally published and sent to our readers.

We would like to open our services to a broader readership in the future which is why we are now offering new customers a PREMIUM membership at a flat rate. NEWS, PORTFOLIOS, BLOGS, THE SHOP, EXPERT, PROD-YOU-CER, … all for an annual flat rate of 180 EUR.

There is, of course, a little catch to it – PREMIUM FIRST. That means, the NEWS of our PREMIUM Members is edited and published first. And if there’s still some time and resources left, we’ll go through the submitted NEWS to present our readers the...

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