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featured by Kelly Kellerhoff represents! : FLACONI ‘time to care’ brand relaunch with key visuals by Delia BAUM c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF, photographed for BWGTBLD & David+Martin in Portugal

In cooperation with BWGTBLD and the creative agency David+Martin Berlin, Delia BAUM c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF created various key visuals for FLACONI in Lisbon. For the leading German online shop for beauty products, self-care is free of paradigms and stands for fun, freedom, lightness and individuality.

With the new claim ‘time to care’, FLACONI not only kicks off its brand relaunch but also indicates its change of direction from a classic beauty retailer to a holistic self-care provider. “The beauty retail market has undergone a much greater transition than over the past decades. A classic ideal of beauty is no longer modern, but has been replaced by a very individual understanding of well-being and beauty. Our goal is to offer our customers a beauty and self-care experience that inspires them and ultimately enables them to lead happier and healthier lives,” CEO Christoph Honnefelder explains the new vision of FLACONI.

“We believe that self-care is often misunderstood and associated with even more pressure, to-dos and little joy. We want to reinterpret the term self-care and free it from its dogma of having to follow a certain pattern or being perceived as just another to-do on our list. We also go one step further and believe that if you take care of yourself, it empowers you to do good for others. We want to create more awareness for the topic of self-care and its positive effects, which is why we also decided on a new claim with a clear attitude,” Marie-Luise Frickel, VP Brand, says about the mission of flaconi. 

Post came from GoSee Member WAGNERCHIC.
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WAGNERCHIC in charge of post production for VOLOCITY – the world’s first electric urban air taxi

VOLOCITY is an autonomous electric urban air taxi. Pioneering technology with an elegant aesthetic that combines the lightness of flying with the highest safety standards, and time-saving travel with a unique flying experience. The motifs presented here on GoSee.NEWS were staged by Stuttgart-based photographer Tom Ziora – and WAGNERCHIC was responsible for creative post production. The agency was Strichpunkt Design.

The VoloCity is an all-electric aircraft with the ability to vertically take off and land. It is built by German manufacturer Volocopter and is the company’s first production model. With the VoloCity, Volocopter has built the fourth generation following the Volocopter VC200 / 2X and the first production model of its aircraft. The first confirmed use planned is the launch of an electric-powered air taxi service in Singapore within the next three years.

“Our zero-emission VoloCity air taxi is at the heart of what we’re about. It’s the first craft of its kind that meets the exacting safety standards stipulated by the EASA. Ultimately, the VoloCity fits into our overarching vision: to realize the dream of urban air mobility in an integrated ecosystem that covers the entire journey, from booking to smooth landing.” says VOLOCOPTER and continues: “The French capital Paris will become a leader in the area of urban air mobility. In an unprecedented mobility project, the city’s airports and public transportation operators have chosen Volocopter to be their eVTOL partner. Joint testing is already underway.”

Since the eVTOL aircraft has zero carbon emissions and a low noise profile, Volocopter wants to offer its service mainly in urban areas to reduce congestion and complement urban mobility. In a first phase, the VoloCity will have a pilot on board. But it is designed to operate completely autonomously as soon as the regulatory requirements for autonomous flying have been issued by the aviation authorities.

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‘Feel it burning?’ – WAGNERCHIC responsible for post & look development for the ‘Love Life Up Close’ campaign of the Federal Center for Health Education by photographer Delia Baum

Delia Baum c/o Kelly Kellerhoff photographed a campaign to raise awareness about and promote prevention of sexually transmitted diseases for the Federal Center for Health Education on commission for the agency Hochhaus. The ‘Love Life Up Close’ campaign wants to be at your side with reliable information and practical tips regarding any questions you might have about all aspects of sexual health, sexual orientations and gender identities, safer sex and sexually transmitted infections (STI) when things get steamy.

Responsible for development of the motifs was Manuel Wagner from WAGNERCHIC together with his team. Manuel Wagner : “Besides look development and the very careful retouch work to underscore the natural character of the motifs, one major part of the job was composing the catch lines on the skin of the models – the main focus of the campaign. Fine art proofs created in-house were used for final adjustments so that we could proceed as quickly as possible.”

The Federal Center for Health Education was founded by decree on 20 July, 1967, as a non-incorporated federal authority within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Health and is headquartered in Cologne. The BzgA is particularly tasked with conducting education campaigns.

GoSee : bzga.dewagnerchic.com

Client: Federal Center for Health Education
Conceptional and strategic cooperation: Federal Center for Health Education
Post Production & Retouch: Wagnerchic
Commissioning Agency: HW Hochhaus Agentur GmbH
Creative Direction: Christian Schön
Art Direction: Sarah Brenk
Consulting: Carolin Fehmer
Strategy: Pia Baran
Styling: Ricarda Venakob
Make-up: Sutida Vestewig
Light: Franziskus Dornhegge

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