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news featured by WILDFOX RUNNING Icons on the road – VW Utility Vehicles and Norwegian Band A-ha are celebrating their biggest hits with print motifs by Julia Marie WERNER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING for Grabarz & Partner

Julia Marie WERNER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING photographed the cooperation between VW E-Mobility and Norwegian band A-HA, who had one of their biggest hits with ‘Take on me’ in the 80s. Commissioned by Grabarz&Partner, Julia Marie WERNER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING spent a day with the band and film production company in Norway to capture moments together. The photos are used to advertise the new e-mobility range of VW. Because being an icon and reinventing oneself according to VW Utility Vehicles are at the heart of the new campaign all about e-mobility. Look & feel of the motifs were in the hands of GoSee member Manuel Wagner / WAGNERCHIC.

The timeless hits of the band a-ha are still part of our lives today and still bring about the same fascination as they did back then. Magne, the band’s keyboarder, explains : “We never rested on our laurels, we always looked for new challenges and continued to reinvent ourselves – we wanted to keep giving our audience something new, inspiring and ambitious,...

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