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blog F A R M H O U S E  FABULOUS | The New Magazine

ONE HUNDRED & THIRTY-TWO PAGES of painted walls in hot chocolate, thistle blues, chalked whites and salsa verde. Discover rural interiors wrapped in raw linens, putty coloured throws, vintage corduroy and woollen fleeces: this is Fabulous Farmhouse.

Salvaged flagstone floors, exposed timbers and chunky stone walling frame these rural-inspired beauts from Tuscany to the Czech Beskydy Mountains, a sanctuary in Mallorca to the wilds of Scotland.

Our first in a series of special editions: FARMHOUSE FABULOUS is your 132-page travel directory of the modern country-house depicted through stunning photography and descriptive text. If you love the country vibe, then this magazine is for you and makes a perfect gift for those who seek travel, design, escapism and style.

Iain + Crew

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