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Try WhoCan, a new platform for managing creative productions – with an exclusive launch offer for GoSee Members

WhoCan is a new online platform to plan and produce all of your creative online content in one place – not to mention share all of your data, information and results with your team or clients in real time. Following a successful test run online with a handful of agencies and photographers, it is now live and accessible for everyone.

What makes WhoCan so innovative : The platform puts all stakeholders on the same virtual page. It is a digital toolkit to manage contacts, talents, shoot locations, media files, shot lists, tasks, events and more – all in a convenient app, empowering agencies, freelancers and clients to work together in real time wherever they are.

Ludwig Henne, founder of WhoCan : “We want to help people grow their creative business and are doing so in two ways. First, by providing the best client collaboration experience. On WhoCan, all files, tasks, time logs – or simply everything – is in one place, which makes it so easy to share with clients. Whenever clients need information on a project, they know where to find it – on WhoCan. Satisfied clients mean more recommendations. And that means more new business.

Secondly, our system and its modern workflow save you time. Particularly when it comes to time-consuming tasks that can take hours and are not much fun, like putting together PDFs with talent or locations. We think this time is better spent on other areas to grow your business. That’s why on WhoCan, you’ll find a lot of automated processes to reduce your overhead workload.”

And heads up : GoSee Members receive an exclusive launch offer and get a 10% rebate on their subscription (net savings of between € 60 and € 240 depending on the plan).

All you have to do to receive the rebate is book a personal demo and say that you heard about WhoCan through GoSee. There is also a free version, by the way, for everyone to try out : whocan.do – if you just want to have a look – and here is the link to book a demo : whocan.do/book-a-demo

The benefits/features of WhoCan for you again in a nutshell :
- Share media galleries with automatic image resizing
- Create shot lists, storyboards, talent and location selections online
- Manage client and team contact details in a CRM
- Project management with tasks, events and milestones
- One shared production calendar for your team

By the way, they are already planning the online creation of call sheets, equipment lists and proposals. GoSee : whocan.do
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