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blog Masao Yamamoto TORI | Through January 28, 2017

Yancey Richardson Gallery is pleased to share The New Yorker's review on our current exhibition Tori by Masao Yamamoto, on view through January 28, 2017. Masao Yamamoto Through January 28, 2017

Avian photography is a tradition perched between science and art, but Yamamoto leans heavily in the latter direction with these sensitive, impressionistic prints. His small, transcendent pictures feature cranes in empty fields or doves soaring above petal-bedecked ponds. Swans get lost in the snow thanks to low-contrast exposure: birds and precipitation resolve into a vaporous beige. Some prints, including one of an owl looking away from the camera, Garbo-style, are mounted on kakejiku, the hanging scrolls usually reserved for ink paintings; others are subtly numinous, flecked with whispers of gold paint.

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