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news featured by basics berlin ‘She’s just playing’, Yves Borgwardt photographs actress and star of the film musical ‘Ich war noch niemals in New York‘ Katharina Thalbach for Deutsch VOGUE - hair & make-up by Gabrielle THEURER c/o BASICS BERLIN

Actress Katharina Thalbach, star of the film musical “Ich war noch niemals in New York” (I’ve never been to New York), allowed Yves Borgwardt to photograph her for Deutsch VOGUE equally calm & carefree. We read in Vogue: “Her face is still just as delicate as that of a sensitive child but, at the same time, reflects her age. A landscape of a life lived to the fullest: wise, enigmatic and extremely funny when Katharina Thalbach is up to her shenanigans – and on this hot day in late summer at a photo studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg, precisely what she feels like. At least from time to time.” Just the right face for make-up artist Gabrielle THEURER c/o BASICS.BERLIN to do her magic. Want to find out more about the film “Ich war noch niemals in New York” and Katharina Thalbach’s experiences in New York, visit vogue.de///katharina-thalbach. We present you the film trailer and four motifs on GoSee.

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