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featured by Heiko Richard : Connected Retail – HEIKO RICHARD photographs for the innovative ZALANDO platform

Ready, set, connect – fashion and shoe retailers of all sizes can become part of the Connected Retail platform. Zalando takes care of product listing, marketing, customer service and payment processing. 42M customers on Zalando and 7.7M orders sent speak for themselves. So far, more than 6,000 shops are connected to the platform.

HEIKO RICHARD photographed for Connected Retail by ZALANDO in Bucharest, with the executive agency Kolle Rebbe. Heiko Richard on the shoot : “Great collaboration with Kolle Rebbe and doity films. Produced in the fantastic studios in Bucharest.”

Connecting online and physical retail has been even more important since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Connected Retail is our solution that enables brick-and-mortar stores to serve customers who use the Zalando platform. The program counts almost 7,000 active stores.” says ZALANDO.

“The interplay between Connected Retail and our stores is a cooperation that we wouldn’t want to miss, that is really great and that we will definitely continue to develop and expand.” CEO PTH-GROUP Heiko Ronge.

“Connected Retail was extremely helpful to us during the lockdown. Joining Zalando was a real stroke of luck for us.” woehrl Thomas Weckerlein, Board Member.

Connected Retail can help fashion brands drive productivity by forwarding Zalando customer orders to their owned or franchised brick-and-mortar stores. Participating stores ship items specified in the order and book the corresponding revenues and profits. This is done with the help of simple, easy-to-use and free software.

Connected Retail is available in thirteen countries for all retailers and fashion brands that have one or more physical stores: Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

The future of retail is connected.’ – So sell your products via Connected Retail on Zalando and open your store to millions of Zalando customers.

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featured by One Hundred Berlin : ONE HUNDRED BERLIN in charge of post production for the REEBOK X ZALANDO campaign ‘COME GROW WITH US’, JOBS … and meet ONE HUNDRED BERLIN as an exhibitor for the first time at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

REEBOK wants to be recognized for its efforts in sustainability by creating an emotional connection between consumers and the brand. This is where ZMS, Zalando Marketing Services, come in : “Together with Reebok, ZMS came up with a unique creative concept and campaign that supported both the sustainability message and the product visibility of the [REE]Grow collection. The campaign was launched as a part of Zalando Brand Days, and the assets created were used on multiple media channels and touchpoints.”

The ‘Come Grow With Us’ campaign motifs were photographed by Maxime Ballesteros, and post production was in the hands of ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

The campaign wants to especially reach out to Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Zalando : “At the core of the visual idea were the performance artists who connected with nature using their body.” A complete success : Reebok reached an impressive 12.2 million unique users across various media channels.

And meet the Berlin-based post production company ONE HUNDRED BERLIN as an exhibitor for the first time at UPDATE-22-BERLIN. See the latest job offers of the very busy agency on GoSeeJOBS or in their GoSee Account : .

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featured by VIVA Models : Dan Beleiu photographs male model Ilias PACI c/o VIVA MODELS BERLIN or ZALANDO Designer F/W 2021

Ilias PACI c/o VIVA MODELS BERLIN stood for ZALANDO Designer F/W 2021 in front of the camera of photographer Dan Beleiu. The futuristic set is a contribution by Zuza Wodoracka and Michal Zomer. Art Director was Julia Kaskin, with styling by Julian Herrera.
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